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Welcome to my mad, mad, mad, mad world! 

Glad you could stop by for a few. Please feel free to peruse the shelves, grab a hot drink, sit back, and relax.

Indigo has been released into the wild! After a few years full of fits and starts, I've finally gotten him out of my head so he can now get into yours. It's available in both paperback and ebook from most online merchants. I LOVE seeing the positive reviews it's getting - so if you read it, please let me know what you think! Check out the reviews so far here.

More news on the Indigo front - it is officially an audiobook! If you know me, you know I have a passion for audiobooks - so seeing Indigo be brought to life through voice is very exciting. If you enjoy audiobooks as I do, you'll love the narration done by the amazing voice talent, Lisa Ashmore. She really brings Maya to life, so be sure to download it!

While I've had many suggestions for a sequel to Indigo, lately I've been working on an urban fantasy story, Shade. I've always loved modern-day mages, and now I'm putting my own twist on the genre. I had linked up with Inkshares to try to become part of The Nerdist Collection in a contest, and in an effort to promote pre-orders of the book, I have published my first three chapters for free here. Have a quick read and drop me a note if you like it (and even if you don't!). For more info on Shade, check out the Shade page. The contest has ended, but the material is still up there for your perusal. Don't worry Indigo fans, he's never far from my thoughts, and I have many ideas on where that story can go - You will get a sequel!

I've lowered the price and revamped the covers on my short story e-books. Check out the Tid Bits page for links to those if you're interested.

For you non-fiction readers, I still intend to turn my article The Child You Expect into a full-length work as well but am focusing on Shade for the time being.

Again, thank you for stopping by. Your support of my writing is most appreciated.

Take care,


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