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Summertime…and the Writing is Easy-ish

Summer is here! Well, at least warmer weather is here. I’m finally able to sit on my patio (my favorite writing spot) and write to my heart’s content. I guess technically I’m a seasonal writer. I just can’t sit in my office, even though there are two fairly bright windows, and be creative. I work from home for my real-life job, so I tend to consider that my “work only” space. But now that the temps are rising, I’m able to go to my creative space and write.

Having a dedicated writing space really helps to get the creative juices flowing for me. I’m sure there are plenty of authors that can be creative anywhere, but I’m certainly not one of them. While I may get idea inspiration from various locales, I need my ‘writing spot’ to put fingers to keyboard in any meaningful sort of way.

Even my writing spot has its own challenges though - my patio rafters have been commandeered by a family of sparrows, including a nest of hungry babies incessantly crying for sustenance; neighbors noisy lawn mowers; a constant flow of planes overhead (I’m near a small teaching airport); and even the house sounds that carry in through the back door of my son listening (and singing) to his music or playing video games. It can be hard to shut out all the noise, and I often resort to wearing headphones and listening to movie scores as I write if I can find one that fits the mood.

It sounds like I’m a temperamental writer, huh? That’s because I am! While I have gotten over having to “be in the mood” to write, I still need to get over the challenge of my creative environment. It can usually be done with minimal effort, but it’s still an effort.

I’m planning to finally finish Ghosting this summer (a paranormal thriller), and am very excited to see where this intriguing story takes me. Indigo was such a fun ride – I can’t wait to feel the accomplishment of typing –THE END – one more time. It’s definitely a feeling that can’t be compared to.

Here’s to a great summer! Let the writing commence!

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