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You Write Like...

I’m taking the Neil Gaiman Masterclass on writing, and one of the lessons is about a writer’s voice. I’ve been told that my writing voice is one of my better writing qualities, so when I saw in the course materials a link to a site that would analyze your writing, I decided to check it out.

According to the website that analyzed a chapter from both INDIGO and SHADE, my writing style is akin to Agatha Christie! I must say, that is a high compliment to me as I admire her work very much.

Ms. Christie had a knack for human observation, and a dry wit that I’ve always appreciated. While highly intelligent, she never treated the reader as stupid or slow. She knew how to expertly unravel a secret that upon closer inspection, had been in the open all along - if only we’d paid attention.

I can only hope to maintain, if not improve my writing style to match hers one day.


Summertime…and the Writing is Easy-ish

Summer is here! Well, at least warmer weather is here. I’m finally able to sit on my patio (my favorite writing spot) and write to my heart’s content. I guess technically I’m a seasonal writer. I just can’t sit in my office, even though there are two fairly bright windows, and be creative. I work from home for my real-life job, so I tend to consider that my “work only” space. But now that the temps are rising, I’m able to go to my creative space and write.

Having a dedicated writing space really helps to get the creative juices flowing for me. I’m sure there are plenty of authors that can be creative anywhere, but I’m certainly not one of them. While I may get idea inspiration from various locales, I need my ‘writing spot’ to put fingers to keyboard in any meaningful sort of way.

Even my writing spot has its own challenges though - my patio rafters have been commandeered by a family of sparrows, including a nest of hungry babies incessantly crying for sustenance; neighbors noisy lawn mowers; a constant flow of planes overhead (I’m near a small teaching airport); and even the house sounds that carry in through the back door of my son listening (and singing) to his music or playing video games. It can be hard to shut out all the noise, and I often resort to wearing headphones and listening to movie scores as I write if I can find one that fits the mood.

It sounds like I’m a temperamental writer, huh? That’s because I am! While I have gotten over having to “be in the mood” to write, I still need to get over the challenge of my creative environment. It can usually be done with minimal effort, but it’s still an effort.

I’m planning to finally finish Ghosting this summer (a paranormal thriller), and am very excited to see where this intriguing story takes me. Indigo was such a fun ride – I can’t wait to feel the accomplishment of typing –THE END – one more time. It’s definitely a feeling that can’t be compared to.

Here’s to a great summer! Let the writing commence!

Ramping Up

I've spent the last couple of weeks working on peripheral projects for Indigo . I've completely revamped my website, and switched to a new host - Squarespace, which has some pretty cool templates that are fairly easy to work with. I think it's a more cohesive approach since my blog is now integrated into my site.

Unfortunately, the majority of my Beta Readers seem to have fallen off the planet, and I'm still waiting for the graphic designer to send me her cover ideas, but I'm still hopeful that things will come together quickly for my projected January 2014 launch date. The countdown is on, and I'm already starting to feel the pressure. 

With that pressure though, comes excitement. I'm SO excited to finally have a novel to even release!  I'd originally planned to not edit anything until I had feedback from the Beta Readers, but think I may just have to dive in head first and just do the best I can with it. It might be time to print it out and red pen the crap out of it again.

Doing so will most likely change my attitude about Indigo from this: 


To this:


Can't wait!!! 

The Sweetest Dance

I did it.

I wrote a book.

I can't believe I freaking did it! Indigo is DONE!

high five.jpg

Oh yea...

Well, almost.

Now comes the truly excruciating part - editing. I've just completed my first front to back read-through and I am internally cringing at some of the things I'm finding. One thing that glaringly stands out - I am the Queen of 'slightly.' I'm actually amazed anyone gets anything done in this book with everything they do being so slight.

"...he says, moving slightly."

"I force my eyes open slightly, taking a peek..."


Another thing that stands out are all of the cliche's I tend to use. I didn't count how many times it shows up in the book, but things are always 'bubbling to the surface.' Really, Amy? Sigh.

With all of the times I've changed the PoV and tense, I'm still finding errors there as well. Good times. Good times.

I'm nowhere near publishing-ready; I still need to have my Constant Readers give it a look and help me round out the characters and fill in potential plot holes. I always know in my head what I mean, but that doesn't always translate onto the page, so hopefully they can help with that.

Regardless of the work still to be done on it, I accomplished something I honestly never thought I would. I wrote a book.

When I typed "-END-" at the bottom of the manuscript, my hands were shaking. I sat and stared at the screen for a few minutes and just cried. Whether they were tears of joy, or relief, or pride, I don't know. After three years of toiling on this book, they could have come for lots of reasons. Once the tears stopped, I grabbed the Shua for a very happy celebration dance in the living room. It's our thing. It's what we do when good things happen.

Even compared to the 11 years of dancing recitals I participated in as a child, or the numerous school dances, or any other dance for that matter - the celebratory dance that happened in my living room on the night of August 21, 2013, was definitely the sweetest dance I've had by far.

Original Publication Date: 8/24/13

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