Amy L. Boukair

Author of the time-travel romance novel Indigo


Reader's Favorite **** Review

Love knows no boundaries and even time itself can not keep true love apart in this thrilling science fiction tale, Indigo, by Amy Boukair. Maya is simply trying to get through life with as little struggle as possible and give the best life she can to her son Lucas. Little does she know that her life is more important than she ever could have imagined. Her fate, and that of her son, is a destiny that spans centuries. When the alluring Indigo enters her life, she is inexplicably drawn to him and feels closer to him than anyone she has ever met, even her late husband. She soon learns that their lives are entwined in a love that is already doomed to be lost. Though she has never met him, Indigo declares that in the future he has loved her once before, and he has returned to make sure their lives will once more be together again. But Indigo is not the only one that has returned in search for her; the maniacal Taber has his sights set on destroying both her life and that of her son in order to stop him from reaching his future goals. Can Maya accept the love Indigo has for her? Will she be able to stop the future from coming true and protect her son from the evil machinations of Taber? Find out if destinies can be changed and if love can surpass all odds and cross all time in this thrilling love story, Indigo.

Indigo is a thoroughly enjoyable novel that intriguingly blends romance, thriller, and science fiction. The love interest, Indigo, is passionate and compelling with just a hint of mischief that is sure to delight readers. The story starts at the beginning of the intrigue and action and remains strong throughout the tale. While the villain seems a bit flat due to his lack of immediate presence in the tale, the author succeeds in creating an ominous air that keeps the story flowing. The concept itself is strong enough to run a series of books that could go in many different directions, but even with the potential plot curiosities, the book stands strong on its own. I highly recommend picking up a copy of Indigo for a exciting and touching read, and I hope to read more from Amy Boukair.
— Tania Staley for Readers' Favorite

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